About Us


Premium Quality is true to the heart of what we represent here in Taraji Dalis Natural Earth Products.  We are not just another product line, our brand is a lifestyle... A movement!  The promise that we make to our customers and vow to uphold is that we will not settle for anything less than the best and highest quality ingredients  being used to formulate our products. 

Our Founder and CEO, Laticia Norton, Has over 20 years of experience working in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist. Specializing in Natural Hair Care, braids, locs, and extensions.  And while that is all compelling stuff, there was one thing the that catapulted Taraji Dalis Natural Earth Products into fruition... She gave birth to a baby girl named Taraji.  While this product had been 8 plus years in the making, long nights in the kitchen using all of her knowledge gained over the years of the benefits of all natural herbs, spices, essential oils and vitamins... None of these things pushed her like the needs of her child.  Taraji suffered from eczema, sensitive scalp cocktailed with extreme dandruff which all caused her hair to break badly.  When she was not able to find a product on the market that addressed her specific needs she created them and named them after her inspiration, Taraji Dalis 


Taraji Dalis Natural Earth Products uses healing properties found in organic and all natural ingredients to moisturize restore and stimulate healthy growth from the root.  Taraji's name is prophetic in the very fact that it means faith and hope and Dalis means rare beautiful flower. You are the rare and beautiful flowers, all with unique needs and care specifications to see accelerated growth. And its because of our founder's faith in God to give her the answers to her daughter's hair issues and her hope of sharing with others the result of her faith walk that we are all able to reap the benefits and receive the same unfathomable results.